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At 1Click, we provide Google marketing services that set you apart from your competition and enable you to run smart, successful and data-driven campaigns through a variety of tools and features. By providing multiple offerings to our clients and through our expertise, we make sure that we provide one of the best Google marketing services in Karachi. We understand the dynamic nature of today’s environment and how important it is to understand your customers.

Google MarketingOur number one priority, as marketers, is to make sure you receive services that assist you in collaborating and sharing insights of your customers while respecting their privacy and giving them control over what they share. More than 6 billion searches are made every day and it is important for you to know when to offer and display ads to create a purchase intention. With Google Marketing, you can reach and engage with your target audience and provide engaging ads that are only paid for, if clicked, known as pay per clicks.


Why choose us?


We at 1Click have a group of experienced professionals that stay on top of the latest trends and technology that are being utilized all over the world. We strive to ensure that we meet your needs with the utmost consistency and success. Through our Google Marketing Services, you will understand exactly what the customer wants through their insights and delivering an appropriate message at the right time, through the preferred medium. With our help, all your data gathering processes will be automated providing you sufficient time and information to make other strategic decisions. You will now have a distinct idea of which of your marketing activities have been the most effective and would enable you to make well-versed decisions, ultimately improving your performance.


Our Services



We will collaborate with your marketing teams and provide you the best solution while uncovering customer insights and employ methods that are effective and efficient than traditional research. Since we have Google Marketing tools such as Google trends we can identify and use in-depth information about your customers.


We will set up your Google+ Business Page

We will provide you with a page that will allow searchers to find your Google+ business page directly through the search engine. Google PlusSetting up a page will help you to better segment your target or traffic, routed towards your page. Google Plus also has live streaming features in the form of Hangouts that provides you with an opportunity to talk directly to your stakeholders.


Google Webmaster Tools

Spending on Google without having a distinct idea can have downsides and might lead to increases in expenses. With our expertise, we will identify exactly what is affecting the traffic on your website. Not only this, we would focus on organic search engine traffic to ensure your funds are not wasted and that our maximized effort provides you a high-quality solution. Google Webmaster Tool is also known as Google Search Console, which will help you to understand what keywords are being used for your ranking and how much traffic are you getting on your website.

1Click Google Search ConsoleWe will use Google bot that would visit all the links present on your website to see if they are reachable along with the pages that Google has indexed to your website. Without the proper knowledge, you might not have an idea about what pages have been indexed from your site. We will protect your private information and index only those pages that should be made available to the public. Our proficiency will help us analyze your website performance by detecting any issues that might prevent it from being available on the Google Search Engine.


Google AdWords

For every second there are more than 2.3million searches made on google. All of these include advertisements that are paid by businesses. Google ads or Google AdWords, are an effective way to route traffic towards your website. They appear exactly when people search for certain products or other business offerings. Google AdWords are paid advertisements through the Google AdSense Program. Ads are either represented on the top of the organic links or are found at the bottom of the search results.

Google AdWords is based on auctioning for certain keywords that we believe would be relevant and essential to your business offerings. Through our vast experience, we will bid on keywords and assign a certain amount that is to be paid for every click on an ad made by a user. We will make sure that we generate a high-quality score assigned by google on the advertisements that makes it easier to achieve certain keywords that would be beneficial for your visibility.

1Click Google AdwordsThe higher the Quality Scores and bid amount the easier would it be for us to ensure a low Cost Per Click (CPC). In this way, we can help you improve your ROI by reducing the cost paid per click. Since we will assist you in maintaining High-Quality Scores, your ads would be more frequently displayed and more often at the top of an organic link. Not only will this help to increase your clicks, but also achieve this without having to spend extra or raise your bid.


Google Keyword Planner

Apart from assisting you with keyword auctions and increasing your quality score, we will also help you in developing your keywords. We will generate keywords that would be relevant to your product and service while making sure that they resonate with your customers. Google keyword planner will provide you with your historical data such as the search volume data, enabling us to understand whether or not we need to add them to our campaigns.

Moreover, we will be able to research which keywords are the most popular with respect to your products and narrow them down to make an informed decision. Each keyword will have an estimated bid amount needed to acquire it. Once completed, you will be able to add it to your advertising plan.


Double Click Search

We will provide you with an overview of all your Digital Marketing activities so it enables us to provide you with the ability to respond to changes in this fast-paced environment. Capturing cross channel insights is made easier through Double Click Search. It allows you to gather data from different platforms be it Google, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu on to one interface.

1Click Double ClickNow known as Search Ads 360, it automatically develops reports and saves immense time which can have as much detail as you want while also making them cross-engine. By developing the best learning algorithms, we will be able to automated bids across thousand of keywords. Strategies can be created by collecting certain keywords that you want to remain on top and set a rule to make automatic bid changes.


Google Trends

By analyzing a certain proportion of google searches we are able to find exactly how many searches have been made for the query entered into the google search engine over time. The information provided by Google is real-time and tells you exactly what is trending in the world with a click of a button. In terms of creating content, we will be able to use exactly those keywords that are the most searched for or popular. It gives a detailed insight as to how certain products are performing in the market.

Google trend breaks the data into different geographical locations and a particular time range. The benefit you receive from using Google’s data is the fact that it is hardly manipulated. You will be able to know how one product gains a grip over the other which is beneficial for any organization especially those that are engaged in high prospect sales. It helps you to direct your efforts to a niche that has been generating profits. All of this information is illustrated through charts and bar graphs which show the difference in popularity of the competing products in different timelines ranging from a week, a month or even the last day.


Why should I hire you?


Google marketing services are although not difficult to use, but without proper expertise, resources and a motivated team it makes it risky considering the costs associated with it. We use the full potential of google marketing services that allow us to completely utilize the platform for your benefit.  Hiring us would provide you the benefit of the necessary experience that you would need to excel in your market. We will make sure we assist you in decision making and provide you with the necessary information to do so. After all your success will bring out the best in us.