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Lead Generation Services


1CLICK Lead GenerationAt 1Click, we understand the importance of your business, and how significant lead generation can help your business to prosper. Having years of experience in the field of lead generation, 1Click is a reputable lead generation service provider in Karachi.

1Click is housed with highly proficient marketing professionals who are pro at implementing such marketing strategies that will surely generate lead and accelerate sales of your business. 1Click is among the highly trusted lead generation service provider in Karachi that helps businesses in maximizing their lead and boosting sales.

1Click’s lead generation solution will genuinely save your money, time, and effort while eliminating the need for hiring trained and expensive in-house lead generation staff. Our professional team understands the importance of a lead and ensures that your customers don’t slip out of your hands!


Why 1Click?


For businesses that are newly established, leads can either make or break your sales. Lead generation can help your business in gathering valuable information for increasing your sales.

The proficient and skilled team of 1Click understands the significance of lead generation and help in generating leads that would skyrocket your sales.

Our expert staff utilizes the latest techniques and tools to create marketing tactics that will make capturing leads look like a walk in the park.


Unparallel Set of Skills

Lead Generation is not easy like clapping your hand – it is a particular discipline that requires high-level skills as a prerequisite.

1Click’s team is a bunch of experts who are well trained in the art of generating new leads. Irrespective of the sector your brand belongs to, our skilled marketing professionals can provide you satisfactory results using the proven scientific approaches and strategies.


Focused Team

Unlike your traditional sales reps who spend the least time focusing on developing the right activities, we have a competent team at our disposal, which is just 1Click away in developing your business leads.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our aim is to provide the best lead generation services at low prices. Our price-to-performance ratio is unmatched.

We save our clients’ money by eliminating the cost of managing, equipping, and hiring an in-house lead generation team.


Transparency is the Key

1Click works really hard in keeping everything transparent. We show our clients how to do better in lead generation. Our professional staff will show you how to sell more often, sooner, and more.


Your Worries are Our Worries

By letting us take care of your leads, you will be tension free and can forget about worrying about difficult management processes. That is for us to take care of now!


We Honor Our Clients

Apart from having an exceptional lead generation team, our code of conduct is to honor our clients. We understand that each client has a different goal, target market, and product portfolio for which we try our best to develop distinct lead generation strategies.


Professionalism Is Our Style

1Click is known for its professionalism and we take pride in it. Our staff is highly trained professionals who are talented in their respective fields and offer great customer support.

Our values are rooted in mutual respect, integrity, and building a long-term professional relationship with our clients.


We Protect Your Integrity

We as a company believe that customer’s integrity is our integrity, and therefore, we never engage ourselves in unethical activities. We ensure that your information is not shared/leaked to other business/channel partners.


1Click Lead Generation Process


Building a Strong Relationship

Before you begin eating your cake made of qualified leads, we at 1Click believes in creating a strong bond. Our relationship with clients is one of the driving forces of our work.


Finding leads

First and foremost, we find your targeted audience on the web. 1Click’s trained professionals create a web of high quality, engaging, and interesting content that will keep capture leads as if we are capturing fish from a pond.


Using the Potential of Social Media

The team at 1Click will create your business content in whichever form you prefer, let it be in the form of infographics, posts, blogs, and much more.

Social media has great potential and in collaboration with our social media marketing specialists, the content is distributed across LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


Leads, Leads, and Leads

Capturing a bunch of leads is easy, nurturing them, however, requires a great set of skills. Once our team has captured leads for your business, we keep them engaged in a way that they would even forget what they had in dinner.


Customer Service

We at 1Click honor our customers as if they are part of our family, which they are! We provide easy to understand instructions and are available at your service at any time and anywhere.


Monitoring Progress

Unlike other companies who would just leave you once the job is done, 1Click monitors the progress and update you constantly.

Our lead generation specialists are fully responsible individuals who will ensure that your business is making progress.


Work Is Our Pride

We take our work very seriously and put in our best effort. After all, work is our pride!


Our Lead Generation Services


Lead Sourcing

1Click is among the best companies in Pakistan that excel in lead sourcing. We use the latest software and tools to collect leads and our marketing strategies ensure that those leads are relevant to your business.


Web Research

Although this seems like an easy task, web research requires a unique set of skills. 1Click’s team is exceptional in the web research domain and can gather specific information that is crucial for your business to grow.

Our professionals search every paid or free source so you get an up-to-date and accurate database.


B2B Lead Generation

We will take their time to educate themselves about your business product or services. Then by using marketing automation, we nurture the collected information of potential customers.

Since B2B lead generation is an early step of the sales process or creating a marketing funnel, 1Click’s highly competent team will develop a consistent high-intent prospect timeline that you can convert into customers.


B2C Lead Generation

1Click experts focus on B2C Lead Generation by opting for different eye-catching strategies such as personal messages, promotions, and unique offers.

Our experts understand the importance of B2C lead generation and utilize effective and latest tools to ensure that we cater to a wider audience.


Data Mining

Our specialists generate leads with data mining by gathering information from multiple sources on the web.

Data mining is an art, but very few are aware of its true potential. However, 1Click’s lead generation experts will not only generate leads for you, but they will also provide you with an insight into market dynamics.

We at 1Click combines data mining and lead generation tactics to generate the best leads for you.


Targeted Lead Generation

Do you think that the targeted leads that you generated are not up to the mark? Fret not, as our team is highly capable of generating qualified leads that target the specific audience.


Benefits of Our Lead Generation Services


  • Effective lead generation leads to qualified sales, which further accelerate sales.
  • Concentrate on your work, fret not, and leave the process of lead generation to us.
  • A competent and professional lead generation team at your disposal, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.
  • 1Click eliminates your hassle of hiring lead generation specialists that will be working fulltime. We offer the best solutions to generate leads while staying in your budget.
  • 1Click team uses the latest technology to generate highly qualified leads, so, instead of spending money on technology go on a vacation and leave the worrying part to us.
  • Our effective communication channels ensure that you are updated constantly about our progress.
  • 1Click works as a family and you are a valuable part of it.
  • High-quality content to generate leads.
  • Creates awareness of your business and build a reputation, which will lead to higher sales and profits.
  • Our marketing strategies will lead you to have a better ROI.
  • 1Click team is highly efficient in terms of using resources, therefore, our efficiency will significantly reduce your resources.
  • 1Click’s team isn’t a newbie in the industry; we are a bunch of professionals having years of experience in lead generation.
  • We will keep your customers updated with discounts, events, and special offers.
  • Instead of paying for a full-time in-house lead generation team, you can take advantage of our B2C and B2B experts whenever you need it.
  • 1Cick professionals will ease the process of feedback and speed up your sales processes.


Need Lead Generation Services – Leads Can be Generated with Just “1click”


We have advanced software and tools that will turn Facebook and Instagram likes into leads. Reach out to 1Click, the best Lead Generating service in Karachi and we will be happy to work with you as a team and as a family to get you the best results.