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Web content can be either visual, textual or oral. It refers to the content that you can access through the internet such as applications, images, and videos, etc. Handwriting Web Content 1ClickOur web content is textual. Web content is essential for traffic generation, creative content is the best way to engage your audience!

Below mentioned are the services 1Click offers in this regard:


Article Writing


Article writing involves the written documents that you see over the internet. 1Click has a strong team of individuals that research extensively and write authentic articles of high quality. The main priority of Article writing for us is Quality, as it defines its value. The expertise of the 1Click team allows us to write on a wide range of topics. In addition to this key focus of the organization is to provide value for our clients. We honor our customers’ deadlines and offer revisions to satisfy every requirement.  We have a passion for writing that drives the success factor of our web content department.


Blog Writing


Blogs are an online informational page or a diary located on a website, portraying information regarding a particular topic. At 1Click, we write blogs on a range of different topics, the most common being Business, Finance, Fashion, Lifestyle, Political, and News, among others.

  • Business Blogs are written for corporate agencies or industries. This kind of blog helps the businesses connect with the customers to make the consumers aware of their products/services.
  • Finance blogs are meant for users who are interested in wealth growth or are looking for tips to save money.
  • Fashion blogs are accessed by people that are interested in the industry and want to keep an eye on the latest trends regarding Fashion.
  • Lifestyle blogs are the most common type, which involves arts, culture, and local news, etc.
  • Political blogs usually involve the opinions of a blogger regarding a political topic.
  • News blogs are also based on one’s opinion on particular news.

In our blog writing, we use specific keywords to make it SEO friendly.


Web Copywriting


Web copywriting involves the writing of high-quality content for selling a product or an idea. The content that you see in Facebook ads and other platforms is called web copywriting. Moreover, the content on websites of companies is also part of web copywriting. At 1Click, web copywriting is done in regards to SEO, so that our clients gain maximum traffic on their website. Moreover, the creative content approach used at 1Click makes the ideas and products of our clients stand out from the rest, due to the attractiveness.


Product Description


To describe a product’s value proposition, a product description is the marketing copy used for potential customers. A convincing product description provides customers with detailed features; the problems it solves, and other benefits to help generate a sale. Therefore, at 1Click we write compelling product descriptions so that our clients can sell their products amply! The writers focus on particular methods such as producing context with the target audience in mind. The writers aim to make the context 100% genuine and mistake-free. Moreover, the product descriptions are written with consumer engagement in mind, therefore, the language used is such that it relates to the potential customers. We make sure that the product description is concise and attractive. Lastly, to make the products more accessible to the consumers, we use key phrases in the description.


White Paper


White papers are written by companies or individuals to define the process and importance of their products. However, the focus is on the issue that the product/service solves, rather than the promotion of the invention. Unlike product descriptions and blogs, White papers are written in a formal tone and are generally between 3 to 14 pages. White papers require an extensive amount of research and are written in a far less flashy sense than blogs. There is usually a title page, table of contents, short executive summary, introduction, several pages educating the reader about the problem, description hypothesizing a solution, a number of pages offering an example of a company that used that solution to achieve results, and a conclusion.

The research skills of our team and the use of relevant information makes the white paper of our clients suitable for presentation. The required details are added by the team, and any revision is made based on the client’s feedback. White papers produced by 1Click apart from attractive content contains necessary visual content that makes the white paper stand out and give good value to the client and the users.


Press Release


Press releases are a great way to connect with consumers. Our team carefully writes press releases for our clients with correct information and facts. Through our competent press releases, the businesses gain more exposure in the market and more awareness is created related to their products/services. Therefore, hiring 1Click to construct your press releases can have a positive impact on your organization!

A key use of press releases is developing Public Relations (PR). Our press releases aim to engage all the respective parties with the utmost consideration. Detailed research on the target audience enables us to produce content that is non-offensive to the readers and represents the true values of our clients.


Business Plans


A business plan represents the future of a company and presents its core strategy. 1Click constructs business plans for its clients with respect to their company type. With the usage of imperative tools, our team can present a suitable business plan for a range of businesses. 1Click - SWOT PEST analysisSome of the tools involve the PESTLE and SWOT analysis that helps identify the key market gaps and requirements. Business plans by 1Click can be used for sustainable businesses as we help identify the key aspects required by the businesses to be successful in their respective markets. A Business plan covers a range of details such as the marketing plan, financial projections, products, and services description and company valuation, etc. The marketing plan includes the appropriate strategies required by the company to promote its business and gain an appropriate market share. Whereas, the financial projections contain:

  • Start-up expenses
  • Break-even analysis
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Profitability analysis

The company valuation is determined by certain factors such as the future forecast of sales. In addition to the above-mentioned elements, our business plan also includes the descriptions of the business model, revenue model.


Key Points


  • 1Click provides authentic, high-quality articles according to the requirements of our clients.
  • Quality is our main focus.
  • 1Click specializes in Blog writing on multiple topics.
  • SEO is a high referral point in our assignments.
  • 1Click can create high-quality web copywriting to increase our clients’ reach.
  • The product description written by 1Click can gain high engagement through the usage of attractive content.
  • 1Click provides clients with effective and professional White papers.
  • Press releases by 1Click can be optimal for PR.
  • Business Plans by 1Click can be used to create a successful strategy for your respective business.




What is the Guarantee that 1Click will provide me with high-quality content?

1Click has provided great services overtime to develop customer loyalty. Supported by extensive research, the content shall be original. Moreover, the writers employed in the company are well educated and experienced. A sample shall be provided to the client so that he/she may check the quality of the content.

How many revisions am I entitled for? Do you entertain tight deadlines?

Our clients are entitled to unlimited revisions. Revisions shall be done until the client is fully satisfied. Tight deadlines shall be met, but no compromises shall be made to the quality of the content. Therefore, the clients must allow appropriate time for the writer to do research and obtain a grasp over the topic.

How many industry topics can 1Click cover?

Due to the expertise of our writers, 1Click covers a range of topics from various different industries. Some of the basic industries include Business, Finance, Fashion, Lifestyle, Political, and News, among others

How much do 1Click charge and what are the charging factors?

The charges are figured by the complexity of the assignment, in addition to the time and resources invested.

Will I have to make the payment upfront? What are the payment options?

Yes, the payment has to be made upfront.

Is the SEO part of the content writing services?

SEO is a big referral point for the company, and our content services focus greatly on SEO by the usage of keywords/phrases among other factors.

How can we work with ease, will distance cause issues?

Dedicated support shall be assigned to you. The individual will be responsible for all your queries and feedback.