About Us

One Click is a fast growing Digital Marketing Service provider in Pakistan. Located in the heart of Karachi, we started our journey in 2013 providing web content and SEO services. With a global client base we pride ourselves in serving businesses and individuals from every part of the world. With almost all businesses needing some level of online presence, we provide complete Digital Marketing Solutions for them online from building brand reputation, getting ranked on Google to advertising their business on various digital ad platforms.

At the core of our business are our values of hard work, innovation, mutual respect and growth. We strongly believe that Digital Marketing sector in Pakistan has by no means fulfilled its true potential and we want to make our contribution in IT exports globally for Pakistan.

We would not have reached where we are without contribution from each member of our team who have enriched our business with their skills and dedication.

Why Join Us

Work Environment


At One Click we like to work together as a family. We strongly believe that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce. This is why we have initiated plans to not only offer a great opportunity work but also enjoy a lifestyle at work unmatched in the IT sector in Pakistan. In-house gaming, cafeteria, movies, pick & drop service are some of our initiatives soon to be offered to every employee in our company.

Compensation & Rewards


We offer market above salary package for our employees. Whether you are a content writer or a ppc specialist you are guaranteed a package deserving of your skills and expertise. We also offer quarterly bonuses and growth opportunities for our top performers in each department.

Training & Development


Our team of trainers in each skill set ensures every employee gets regular training to enrich their skills further while they are working in our team. We have initiated monthly trainings for all our employees and no matter your background you are welcome to learn new skills in areas unexplored. Most of our services have been initiated by our employees sharing their ideas during training sessions.

Our Services